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Consumption of Water

Sidna Shaykh had always preferred the spring water over the river water this because of its purity, and just because of the sun when it rises over this water all day long and consequently he advised his companions to drink from the spring water, while river water as it is known is more damaging to the health because of its contents of filth and therefore its avoiding is certainly more secure.



1• The Tijani Narratives

2• Sidi Mohammed Erradi Genoun's introduction

3• The Shamail Tijaniya




7• Objectives of the Manuscript

8• Description of his Grey Hear


10• Description of his Hair-Dying

11• Description of his Eye Mascara-making

12• Description of his Clothing

13• Description of his Turban


15• Description of his Shoes

16• Description of his Rosary (Sub'ha

17• Description of his Food

18• Consumption of Meat (al-Lahm

19• Consumption of Turnip (al-Laft

20• Consumption of Artichoke (al-Kharshuf

21• Consumption of Cabbage (al-Mukawwar

22• Consumption of Courgette (al-Gar'a

23• Consumption of Aubergine (al-Badinjal

24• Consumption of Tar (al-Qatran

25• Consumption of Water

26• On Fever

27• On Music

28• On the glorification of the Divine Names & Verses

29• On His Sharifian Lineage

30• His Children




34• His Servants and Slaves



37• His Death

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