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Sidna Shaykh had the tendency to purchase many slaves and treat them extremely good. They were taken care of much better than those of kings. However, Sidna Shaykh never freed slaves who resided with him in his house. He once said, "If any of the slaves loses the welfare he is enjoying in our house, then we have been the causes of such evil". Sidna Shaykh when he decided to free some slaves it was on the spot after buying them and straightaway they are given their freedom. He used to give ten weights of money (mathakil) for each freed slave and likewise and in one case he freed seventeen slaves on such way. Once and much to Sidna Shaykh's dismay one freed slave came along Sidna Shaykh and said, "Was it you who gave my freedom?" "Yes", responded Sidna Shaykh. Then the freed slave replied again: "O master I want to remain with you". This freed slave while serving Sidna Shaykh reached a high profile stance in terms of spirituality and God fearing position. He was seeing the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) in daylight. He declared his sight in public and often quoted: "I am the Prophet Mohammed ibn Abdellah". (This slave is the famed Sidi Boujam'a) All the slaves of Sidna Shaykh (may Allah be satisfied with them) had the privilege to take the honourable Mohammedian wird. His has all the male slaves married to the female slaves. Sidna Shaykh among his daily occupations was of great care to them.



1• The Tijani Narratives

2• Sidi Mohammed Erradi Genoun's introduction

3• The Shamail Tijaniya




7• Objectives of the Manuscript

8• Description of his Grey Hear


10• Description of his Hair-Dying

11• Description of his Eye Mascara-making

12• Description of his Clothing

13• Description of his Turban


15• Description of his Shoes

16• Description of his Rosary (Sub'ha

17• Description of his Food

18• Consumption of Meat (al-Lahm

19• Consumption of Turnip (al-Laft

20• Consumption of Artichoke (al-Kharshuf

21• Consumption of Cabbage (al-Mukawwar

22• Consumption of Courgette (al-Gar'a

23• Consumption of Aubergine (al-Badinjal

24• Consumption of Tar (al-Qatran

25• Consumption of Water

26• On Fever

27• On Music

28• On the glorification of the Divine Names & Verses

29• On His Sharifian Lineage

30• His Children




34• His Servants and Slaves



37• His Death

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